SPAR3D Blog Post

SPAR3D Blog Post

SPAR3D Blog Post

Who is SPAR3D? –  SPAR3D is an online imaging news and analysis source covering emerging media trends, including laser scanning manufacturers, 3D scanning, and software providers for point clouds.


SPAR3D asked our founder, Paolo Tosolini, to write a “mash-up” blog pertaining to 3D virtual Tours and newer AR/VR technologies.  Tosolini Productions is the Global Matterport service partner of the year, pioneering the integration of Matterport 3D scans from around the world with current AR/VR Platforms.  These Matterport “mash-ups” incorporate Apple ARKit, HoloLens, VIVE, Oculus, Chatbots in VR, Google Tilt Brush, Kinect, as well as experimental projection mapping software for Microsoft.


Why Are Mash-Ups or integrations of different technologies important?  When agencies, developers, and teams explore the possibilities of combining new and emerging technologies, especially cutting edge machine learning and AI, the opportunities are endless.  Over the course of several brainstorming sessions, Team Tosolini developed several models for best-implementing technologies that save money and time, drive innovation, and steer the market towards untapped business solutions.


3D virtual tour providers such as Matterport have empowered those in real estate to offer off-site tours of properties, whether residential, commercial, or historic.  In the SPAR3D blog post, Tosolini Productions describes partnering with the Museum of Flight, we found another use for Matterport to be integrated with Apple ARKit’s Portal experience.  The MoF owns a collection of off-limits historical aircrafts whose deteriorating interiors might be damaged by public entry.  With a combination of Matterport 3D scanning and Apple ARKit technologies, Tosolini Productions has enabled museum goers to enjoy these timeless artifacts. This caught the attention of GeekWire who wrote up an article that same day.  Read the article that Paolo wrote for SPAR3D here to find out about the approach our team had for integrating these other technologies with Matterport.


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