Case Study: Designing Stages in VR with Microsoft Production Studios

Case Study: Designing Stages in VR with Microsoft Production Studios

Case Study: Designing Stages in VR with Microsoft Production Studios

In a recent project with Microsoft Production Studios, we created VR (virtual reality) Stages, allowing users to virtually experiment with redesigning production stages. VR Stages closely mimics the new Production Studios sets in Stage A and Stage D and allows users to virtually experiment stage setups, brand and design. VR Stages are an economical and off-site alternative to building a stage design.


Goal: The goal of this project was to deliver a high-quality VR experience which allows users to change and experience various design elements in a virtual production stage. These were the key features Microsoft Production Studios required in the VR Stages:

  1. Ability to change colors of stage walls (from predefined set)
  2. Ability to change videos on virtual displays (from predefined set)
  3. Ability to teleportation around the stage.
  4. Ability to switch between two different stages.
  5. UI that will work on both HTC Vive and Oculus.
  6. Utilize fictitious stage space in anticipation of real stage layouts.

This was all achieved by our VR Developer, Michael Gelon.

Approach: We aimed to provide an environment that effectively demonstrated the concept while providing enough depth and intrigue to keep users engaged.

How We Did It: Michael was provided a basic 3d model of two stages, designed in a program called Strata3d. The program was designed for developing renders, not game or experience models, so Michael manually cleaned and textured the models. Creative Dimensions and Production Studios provided a basic 3D model of Stage A and D. We collaborated with the sound department in Microsoft Production Studios to complete the sound for the project.

Result: Features include swapping light and image panels with two interaction methods, sliding doors, moveable objects, wall menu, teleportation, introduction area, light sliders, and easter eggs.

View a demo of the VR Stages here:


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