Meet Team Tosolini!

Meet Team Tosolini!

Meet Team Tosolini!

With Tosolini Productions growing quickly over the past year, we thought we’d introduce ourselves! We’re a small but resourceful team of nine embracing the excitement and challenges of storytelling with emerging media. Whether you need interactive touchscreens, 3D virtual tours, or VR content, we’re ready to help you tell your story in a way that hasn’t been done before.


Tosolini Productions was founded by Paolo Tosolini in the summer of 2014. Beginning as a team of two creating interactive touchscreens, TP ventured into 3D virtual tours in 2015 with the addition of another UX designer, then into AR/VR in 2016 with the addition of our first Unity developer. Finally in 2017, we’ve grown into a team of eight and expanded our R&D into Hololens, Vive, projection mapping, machine learning, and other emerging media. Like a lab, we are always learning new technologies and creating prototypes to bring innovation and creativity to business storytelling.


  • Velocity of Innovation: We aim to not just keep up with the pace of emerging media, but to stay ahead by innovating new ways to tell our clients’ stories through new technology.
  • Adventurous Spirit: Our work in the uncharted territories of new media means that we cannot be afraid to fail. We often create just to learn new technologies and to do what hasn’t been done before, and we embrace the risk of failure because there are always lessons to be learned from our R&D that help us deliver more innovative and creative projects to our clients.
  • Customer-centric: We value the experience of our customers, so our priority is making sure that our work meets our clients’ needs and helps them tell their story.
  • Diversity: Our team members come from many different backgrounds, from video production to machine learning and more! We believe that true innovation must stem from valuing all of these perspectives, so we foster a collaborative environment where all ideas are respected.


Our Team

We take great pride in the diverse backgrounds of our team members. Each person’s unique perspective adds something special to the group and makes our projects more creative and innovative. We’re also proud to support women in tech with more women than men on our team! Read a little about us below:



Paolo has an extensive background in interactive design, multimedia, product development, marketing and program management, all of which led him to found his own digital media consultancy. He shares his time between Seattle and Europe, where he relocated his family for an entire school year to have his kids learn French as a second language.







Kathleen has a Master’s in Computational Linguistics. After doing data analysis for a couple of years, she decided to go back to school, study web development, and ended up in VR. Her hobbies include video games and taking too many pictures of her cats.






Thomas graduated from the University of Washington Bothell in Interactive Media Design. He usually works in 2D UI/UX design but is branching out to design in the 360 and VR worlds. At TP, he works primarily as a UI/UX designer for projects and a web designer. A couple of his personal passions are running 5K’s (he ran 5 last year!) and casually gaming on the PC in his free time.






Catherine graduated with a B.A. in Physics from Scripps College in Claremont, CA. She works in social media and content marketing, and creates social media and blog content for TP. In her free time, she enjoys working on her own blog about sustainable fashion and hanging out with her cat.








Carly studied Sound Engineering with a Minor in Digital film from Middlesex University in the UK and has been a producer for the last 8 years.  She enjoys, hiking, backpacking and the outdoors and sings locally in several music projects.







JT is super excited when he sees something moving on the screen. Interactions, motion graphics, animations, videos. He likes to see how people are amazed by the exciting experiences he creates.






Allison is a UI/UX Designer, enthusiastic about all things tech and design. When she isn’t creating interactive experiences for work, she is part of the Design Team for GeekGirlCon as the Assistant Design Manager. In her down time, she is most likely attending a show somewhere in Seattle or catching up on her favorite sci Fi & superhero shows.






Michael is a digital media specialist focused on designing comprehensive and exciting virtual experiences. He combines an educational background spanning anthropology, digital media arts, and user centered design with a keen eye for detail and production flow to bring users genuinely novel digital experiences. When he’s not building something new, Michael is either making or listening to music, on a hike, or at the gym.






Amber graduated from the University of Washington and majored in Interactive Media Design. She has an unbridled passion for VR/AR and the transformative experiences it can provide. Her hobbies include gaming, hiking, and making nerdy fan art.


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