Case Study: Empowering Women in Manufacturing with Deloitte

Case Study: Empowering Women in Manufacturing with Deloitte

Case Study: Empowering Women in Manufacturing with Deloitte

Tosolini Productions delivered an interactive experience for Deloitte to be displayed at the STEP Ahead Awards, an event hosted by the Manufacturing Institute to celebrate and give recognition to women in the manufacturing industry. Our team created an engaging experience using research conducted by Deloitte in partnership with the Manufacturing Institute. The event was held on April 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

The research examined the steps the manufacturing industry has taken to create a better working environment for women and how these steps have impacted recruiting and retention of female employees.

Some key data from the research:

  • 29% of women in 2017 (up from 12% in 2015) think the school system actively/somewhat encourages female students to pursue a career in the manufacturing industry.
  • 42% of women in 2017 (up from 24%t in 2015) would encourage their daughter or female family member to pursue a career in their industry.

  • More than 70% of women would stay in manufacturing if they were to start their career today.

Goal: The goal of the interactive experience was to bring the research Deloitte had done in partnership with the Manufacturing Institute to life and present it in an engaging way for attendees to browse at the event.

Approach: We approached the design with the goal of having varying unique UI’s while aligning itself with the Deloitte’s branding for potential reuse in the future.

Result: We designed an interactive touchscreen using Intuiface featuring photos of the Honorees to be awarded at the event as well as a parallax section featuring key data from Deloitte’s research.

Impact: Honorees had a fun time locating their pictures in the Honorees section and posing with it. Others enjoyed scrolling through the parallax section, which discussed the impact the STEP Awards have had on elevating visibility for women in leadership positions at their companies.

Our UI/UX Designer Allison worked on the interactive experience for this event and attended the STEP Ahead Awards event in D.C.

Thanks to Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute for hosting a wonderful event! We’re proud to have helped tell the story of women’s progress in the manufacturing industry through a fun and interactive experience.


We also created a 360 infographic about the STEP Ahead Awards (view below or in this link). Need your story told through emerging and interactive media, including 360 photo/video, interactive touchscreens, 3D virtual tours, VR/AR and more? Dream it and we can do it. Contact us for inquiries.

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