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What We Do

Tosolini Productions delivers business storytelling solutions using emerging media such as AR/VR, 3D scanning, interactive touch displays, and using robust R&D to propel their velocity of innovation.

Business Storytelling

We are a digital agency with a passion for business storytelling. We utilize an array of various digital platforms that best fit the client's need. We are Platinum Level IntuiFace Experts.

Interactive Experiences

At Tosolini Productions, we aspire to create experiences that educate in fun, delightful ways to drive home our client's goal of connecting with their audiences.

Emerging Technologies

We help clients create 3D tours of a variety of spaces and bring a passion for R&D exploring boundaries of emerging technologies such as VR/MR and 360 media.

Meet Our Team

Paolo Tosolini

Paolo Tosolini

Founder & UX Creative Director

• Emerging Media • Agile UX Prototyping • Strategic Development

Allison Borngesser

Allison Borngesser

UI/UX Designer

• UI/UX Design • Visual Design • 360 & VR Media Content

Jan Utterstrom

Jan Utterstrom

Field Depolyable Training Specialist

• Applied Training Solutions

Carly Kienow

Carly Kienow

Project Manager & Supervisor

• Video Production • Project Manager • Supervisor

Erik Scheel

Erik Scheel

AR/VR/XR Content Creator & Creative Director

• 360 Video Production

Michael Gelon

Michael Gelon

VR Developer

• Motion Graphics & VR • Prototyping • UX Design

Erfan Dastournejad

Erfan Dastournejad


• Interaction Designer • VR/AR Specialist

Our Work

360 Media
3D Virtual Tours
Business Storytelling
Touch Screen Solutions
Virtual and Mixed Reality
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