How major organizations leverage online video internally

Early this year I was invited to speak at IntraTeam 2013, a conference focused on intranet, collaboration and internal communications held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We held a workshop on mobile video for corporate communicators, as well as a session on how major organizations take advantage of online video internally. In particular, the session outlined the results of primary research we conducted with various Fortune 500 companies such as Qualcomm, Xerox, SAP, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless and more.

Here is the presentation I used at the event. How is your company using video internally? We’d like to hear from you!

How to use online video to engage employees

If you are interested in the topic of using online video to engage employees, Ragan’s web site features an article about Microsoft’s UGC (User Generated Content) initiative as well as a short video interview. Here are the links to both sources:

The perfect date: Enterprise 2.0 meets Motivation 3.0


As more corporations finally embrace social media as a way to facilitate customer engagements, the notion of taking social media inside the firewall (also known as Enterprise 2.0) is getting more attention. Employees after all are consumers, and they may well benefit from tools that resemble the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia to improve their productivity at work. 

The benefits of adopting Enterprise 2.0 are being realized every day by organizations that embrace this new work style, including reduced travel costs, improved access to shared expertise, faster time to market for products / services and higher employee satisfaction.

In my former role at Microsoft, I had the privilege and opportunity to launch and manage the company’s internal “employee YouTube” (called Academy Mobile) and witness first hand the power of Enterprise 2.0 come to life. This initiative literally shaped the way many employees approached their jobs. But how?

The answer is in Daniel Pink’s book Drive. Daniel’s research explains how information workers need more than just a ‘carrot and stick’ approach to get motivated. High performance employees are seeking autonomy, mastery and purpose in their profession, what Daniel defines as Motivation 3.0.

Because Enterprise 2.0 paves the way for information workers to better share their expertise, increase their impact, enhance their reputation while ultimately contributing to the company bottomline, there is a direct correlation between Enterprise 2.0 and Motivation 3.0.

In my presentation I visually narrate the story of a Microsoft employee, Michael Gannotti, who exemplifies how he successfully leveraged the power of social media and online video to connect with customers, co-workers and shape his career pursuing Motivation 3.0.

What’s your experience with Enterprise 2.0?

UPDATE: I’m grateful that the Prezi team liked this presentation to the point of featuring it on the homepage of their site. In just a few weeks it has already accrued more than 40K views. 

What’s the ROI of creating an internal YouTube for your Enterprise?

When in 2007 we launched Microsoft’s internal video platform called Academy Mobile, little we knew about the ROI of setting up an organizational video portal that would host thousands of employee generated audio / video podcasts. Our focus was on adoption, internal evangelism and making sure that content would regularly flow on our platform to keep users engaged, happy and productive.

Three years later, Academy Mobile is an established reality at Microsoft, hosting more than 19K videos and 800+ new uploads per month. 

Given the high interest by other organizations in our journey of creating our “internal YouTube”, Microsoft has written a detailed whitepaper about the ROI of such initiative. I’m not going to spoil the reading, but I’ll just say that the conclusions are quite positive and if you are seriously interested in this topic, you should spend the time to study this document.

ROI of Building a Company-wide, Video Podcasting Portal Using Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 
(PDF - 1MB)

Our ‘Online Video done right’ workshop

Last week I had the pleasure to deliver with my colleague Drew Keller a full day workshop titled ‘Online Video done right’. The workshop was part of a larger event organized by Ragan Communications focused on Employee Communications, PR and Social Media.

Drew and I covered a wide array of topics, from shooting techniques to best practices about lighting, audio, storyboarding, publishing and social media. Our goal was to equip all participants with new, relevant and practical skills that could be immediately applied to their jobs. And based on the feedback we’ve received so far, we did accomplish our mission with success.

Is your company looking to train employees on effective ways to create and publish online video? If so, I’ll be happy to exchange some ideas with you. In the meantime, feel free to check out the workshop description on page 2 of the program below.

Ragan Communications Social Media Summit 2010 Microsoft Program