How mobile video can make you a communication hero

I’m a big believer that the best camera is the one that’s with you. So if you own a smartphone, you already have what it takes to create good videos.

But does this principle apply also in a business environment, where you might be asked to interview a client at an event, or visually document a procedure for training purposes? Yes, it does and while your smartphone alone is a good start, you may want to consider a few apps and accessories to enhance the quality of your deliverable.

Here are a few resources that you’ll find handy if you want to try video storytelling with your smartphone.

  1. Mobile video shopping list by Drew Keller, curator of
  2. Video tutorial: How to supersize your smartphone to capture better audio and video 

Drew and I are also frequent speakers on the topic of mobile video in corporate communications. Here is the presentation that we recently delivered at a conference hosted by Ragan Communication and Disney